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Do you know which of your shoppers are likely to buy an specific item? FIND does. It clusters like-minded shoppers to enable personalized 1:1 content.

FIND deploys rapidly with any point-of-sale or back office system to connect item-level SKU transaction data to each shopper. It empowers brick and mortar retailers with the same ability as online retailers, to personalize communications and engage with each shopper. Using proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms, FIND effectively understands how likely each shopper is to be interested in each product – or category of products – you offer. The intuitive online interface enables you to easily integrate FIND’s personalization platform to enhance your website, email and mobile application communications.


(FIND ranked in the top ten of the highly prestigious global RecSys Challenge 2018.)

Of shoppers are more likely to be a repeat shopper if they receive personalized offers.
Of shoppers get frustrated when an offer has nothing to do
with them.
Of shoppers trust a company that personalizes their experience.

InfoSys: Consumers Worldwide Will Allow Access To Personal Data For Clear Benefits. “Demystifying personalization for retail e-commerce.”
Accenture: Exceed Expectations with Extraordinary Experiences.

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